Established in 1978, the Australian Steel Association (ASA) is a not-for-profit body responsible for representing and promoting the steel industry in both Australia and New Zealand.

The association caters to all those involved in the steel industry, including:

  • Suppliers – both domestic and international
  • Traders
  • Stockists
  • Manufacturing end users
  • Service providers in the supply chain
The ASA aims to ensure open market principles are maintained, and promotes the practice of fair trade between Australia and other nations.

It is believed that these two factors allow for multiple steel manufacturers to co-exist and thus fosters competition amongst them and provides steel users with a wealth of choice.

This ultimately ensures the maintenance of a profitable, competitive domestic steel industry.

Furthermore, by ensuring the continuation of open market principles the Australian steel industry can effectively respond to international market factors.

The association caters to intermediate and downstream steel users, and works to ensure that they are well represented in the steel industry through their membership with the ASA.

Various social events, seminars and conferences are organised by the association for the benefit of its members. These provide members with a wealth of networking opportunities and the chance to discuss issues of relevance to the steel industry.

The association produces an e-newsletter on a regular basis for both members and non-members. These highly informative newsletters are comprised of news and information of relevance to the steel industry.

Members are also granted exclusive access to the association’s collection of research reports, case studies and other information resources.

Photo: a Creative Commons (Attribution 2.0) image from nat_efekt’s Flickr photo stream