Security products from Australian Security Technology include Digilocks, which are electronic keyless locker locks. The company offers a range of miniature electronic locks suitable to apply on lockers, cupboards, and drawers. The KP and KT code operated versions need no keys, as they operate through a user or manager designated PIN code.

The TC series locks operate by electronic touch keys that enable on the spot combination changes, special keying configurations and deleting lost keys simply and quickly by using unique programming keys. The locks source their power from two internal batteries with life up to five years.

Australian Security Technology has designed Digilock code KP series for permanently assigned access. The product provides instant access by entry of a four-digit code. Manager or owner codes allow override access. User, manager and owner codes are all programmable through the keypad. Three consecutive incorrect code entries will disable the Digilock KP for three minutes.

The Digilock code KT series are designed for shared or temporary access by multiple users. It requires a ‘user selected’ code to lock Digilock, while it unlocks using the same, leaving the lock ready to be used by the next person. A blinking red LED indicates the lock is in use. An automatic unlock feature may be programmed by management to disengage lock one to eight hours after locking to prevent unauthorised extended usage. Re-programmable Manager and owner codes provide instant override access.