Australian Security Technology  offers various types of security products to meet different types of security needs of customers. Products from the company include keywatcher key management systems; portable guard tour recorders; omnilock access control locks; stand alone access control keypads; and digilock code operated locker locks. The product line of Australian Security Technology also includes morse tamper proof security keyrings; keysure tamper evident emergency key container; and auto-dealership key management systems.

Australian Security Technology says that its key watcher security system avoids the need to change any of client’s existing locks or keys. The Keywatcher offers total key management, constant and reliable 24 hour-a-day access, and control of keys and users. Clients’ keys are concealed in a secured steel wall-mounted cabinet that can expand from 10 keys up to 1000 keys with clients’ growing need for more keys.

The keywatcher system is ideal for adult and juvenile correctional centres; clubs; casinos; defence bases and offices; and government facilities. The system is also suitable for universities; hospitals; schools; airports; resorts; exhibition and convention centres; control of vehicle fleets; holiday and temporary accommodation units; and theme parks. In short, the keywatcher system suits any facility, where keys need better security better control and total accountability.