Australian Security Technology ’s security product portfolio includes the PowerCheck 3000. The product is the perfect system for verifying proof of attendance and for security, maintenance, fire and safety applications. The PowerCheck product minimises the time spent conducting equipment inspections. PowerCheck records time and date of attendance, staff names and up to 99 incidents related to clients’ facilities or security or safety policies.

The user can programme up to 6 tours into each recorder. The backlit LCD screen displays station names, incidents, and time and date. The product also has a unique ‘Auto-Pilot’ feature, which prompts the user and identifies the next station in the tour. PowerCheck incorporates tamper-proof checkpoints, which are made of impact resistant Lexan, the same material used for bullet proof screens. They can be painted and affixed by screw or self-adhesive back.

Australian Security Technology suggests that PowerCheck is ideal for correctional facility monitoring of inmates; mobile and static security guard patrols; temperature or pressure gauge reading; fire extinguisher and hose reading; exit light inspections; sprinkler inspections; smoke detector inspections; valve checks; and emergency exit door checks.