Australian Security Professionals  will take reasonable actions to deal with people, who commit offences against the Principal’s property or authorized persons who use the Principal’s property. The security guards of Australian Security Professionals will be wearing their specific uniform while on work. The security personnel will attire a complete, freshly laundered, clean and ironed uniform, polished boots and provide a neat and tidy appearance.

Australian Security Professionals will make sure that all of its security guards, including base station personnel, are appropriately licensed under the Security Industry Act 1985. Besides, the company’s security guards will always carry the appropriate licences on their person at all times. Australian Security Professionals will not allow unauthorised or unlicensed persons to accompany its security guards in the performance of the contract.

Australian Security Professionals assures that its security guards will not disturb papers on desks, open desk drawers or cabinets, or use the Principal’s facilities for purposes other than authorised by the Principal. The security guards will not make way into areas other than specified for the performance of ordered services.