Australian Security Professionals  will provide its security guards with two-way radio communications or mobile telephones capable of communicating with its base station. The vehicles used by the security guards of Australian Security Professionals will project the company logo or name.

Australian Security Professionals will be kept informed of the locations of important services like fire appliances, alarm detectors and areas of highest security risk in their places of service. The security guards will have knowledge about the right keys to relevant buildings within the locations they offer services. The company takes full responsibility for the actions or speech of any ordered service.

While in service, the security guards of Australian Security Professionals will not use any drug, including alcohol, narcotic or hallucinogen. The security guards will also have appropriate licences under the Motor Traffic Act. They will report all incidents to the Principal in the prescribed format. The company will erect trespass security signs in prominent locations on client’s perimeter fence, building, etc.