Australian Security Fencing , started in 1988, aims at providing high quality fencing security products which are also cost effective. Being in the industry for the past 15 years, Australian Security Fencing company can create different types of systems for security as well as detection and intimidation. All these systems are manufactured in Australia.

Among the different security systems produced by Australian Security Fencing company, the Electronic Detection System(EDS) and the Securemax 358 High Security fencing system have become the ideal choice for security fencing systems.

The other products for security fencing manufactured by Australian Security fencing company includes Forcefield Electric Fence Security Fencing, Croc Top Security fencing, Razar Tape Security fencing, Rapid Deployment Security Fencing Units, High Security razor Mesh and Intelliflex Security fencing.

Securemax is a mesh fencing system which has a see through appearance that blends into the surrounding environment. Securemax has unique features like anti climb and anti penetrate barrier making it the ideal choice for security fencing.

EDS security system can be attached to normal fence and if anyone trespasses or touches it, this system gives out an instant alarm which is the main reason of its popularity. Forcefield is a more sophisticated security system which has full live wire fencing system, Multizone intelligent controllers, voltage monitoring device and many more features all of which can be operated through LCD keypad.

Croc Top is an affordable security system which is designed to prevent intruders from climbing over the security fence or wall. Croc Top is an easy to install Razar Tape which functions both as a visual deterrent and a physical barrier. Rapid Deployment units are basically used as a security system in military while high security razor mesh could be employed to protect high risk critical infra.

Intelliflex consists of a single wire which can very well identify the trespasser crossing the fence line.