Australian Security Fencing  has introduced a very effective security fencing method known as Razar Tape which has replaced conventional barbed wires. Razar Tape consists of razor sharp steel blades which are visible to potential intruders from an extended distance. Razar Tape cannot be crushed or trampled.

Razar Tape is manufactured by Australian Security Fencing and is available in three different types, such as the Short barb, Ripper blade and Long barb. Razar Tapes have either a galvanized or stainless steel finish, thereby preventing them from rusting and blunting. These tapes can be stored very easily in compact conditions and are a very effective and economical security fencing product.

Razar Tape is ideally suited to many applications. It can be used for security in prisons, factories, industrial sites, military installations, government buildings, airports, temporary barriers and police stations. Razar Tapes are also used as fence and wall toppings.

Long barb Razar Tapes designed by Australian Security Fencing are used for prison security fencing and are available in Concertina. Ripper Blade Razor tape consists of longer and sharper blades, along with a reinforcing band. Short barb Razar Tapes are available in concertina as well as in a flat loop form.