Australian Security Fencing  has developed the Croc Top as an inexpensive security barrier option for deterring would be intruders from climbing over a fence.

Basically, Croc Top is a spiked metal topping that is fixed to the top rail of the fencing system.

With the Securemax system, Croc Top can be the top rail. It is a simple but highly effective method of discouraging the possibility of using the top rail of the fence as a pulling point to climb.

Croc Top can be adapted to brickwork, Colourbond, chainlink or masonry walls.

The spikes are formed by machine punching the steel and forming a 25mm high triangular spike which in profile gives the appearance of crocodile skin.

Croc Top is strong and rigid and cannot be bent or twisted. Croc Top is available in 2.4m to 6m lengths of flat strip or angle.

Visually, Croc Top is often unseen and does not intrude on the general appearance of the fence.

Croc Top is manufactured from heavy or light gage steel and can be galvanised, powder coated or can be colour coded to match an existing fence.