Australian Security Fencing  and Leighton Contractors designed, manufactured and installed a high security barrier fencing system at the Australian Defence Force Joint Operations Command Centre in Bungendore, Australian Capital Territory.

Built to accommodate 750 defence personnel, the high-technology facility is the centre of joint military operational activities, including war-fighting and disaster relief co-ordination, and needed to be enclosed with an anti-attack/anti-climb fencing.

The architectural planning required two individual high-security fence lines around the main compound, forming almost 5.2km of fencing, with the sensitive nature of the centre demanding the highest level of protection for the personnel and military equipment. Additionally, the undulating nature of the site meant the fence needed to be flexible enough to work its way around the terrain without too much alteration to the existing levels.

Securemax fencing provided a robust, anti-ram barrier with a strong, visual deterrent to scaling or vehicle entry attempts. Manufactured and distributed by Australian Security Fencing (ASF), Securemax fencing has a small aperture (9mm x 71mm) that makes it difficult to grip and climb.

Intruder-resistant and long lasting, Securemax fencing is manufactured from Australian-made 4mm coated Zalcote wire. OneSteel’s Zalcote zinc aluminium coatings offer good protection, combining the active cathodic protection of zinc with the passive protection of aluminium. The coating offers two to four times more protection than hot-dipped galvanised wire.

Zalcote has been specifically designed for high security welded meshes with the wire’s strong tensile properties increasing the resistance against penetration. Meeting high standards of perimeter security, Securemax fencing has been tested to SCEE endorsement (eA 842740), an Australian accepted ASIO certification.

The final design for the fencing included a buttressed concrete continuous anti-ram barrier with high security panels running along the top of the concrete, with a clean, flat external vertical surface to the fence line to prevent scaling and climbing attempts.

The fence design involved individually manufactured steel fence posts, each requiring its own base detail measurement. Some OneSteel Universal columns were also purchased for the project.

Securemax fencing provides a high degree of visibility through the mesh, and visual impact of the fence is also reduced.