The Adjustable Kerb Ramp is a new product from Australian Ramp Systems Pty Ltd for access over small steps. The adjustable kerb ramp will suit a wide range of heights from 55mm to 190mm. The aluminium construction of these ramps is long lasting and, best of all, re-useable.

To comply with Australian Standards 1428, a gradient of 1:8 is maintained by using one of the three sizes of adjustable kerb ramps. They come in lengths of 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm and are all 1000mm wide, allowing the adjustable kerb ramp to fit most outward opening doors. The hinged attachment makes for quick and easy installation.

The kit consists of a minimal number of components: one kerb ramp, one hinge piece, five floor plate screws, three wall dog screws and three tek screws.