AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries has introduced a new vertical flat surface cleaner. Called the Aussie Sidewinder, the attachment is designed to save water on flat surface and graffiti removal cleaning applications.

Manufactured from stainless steel, the Sidewinder is rated for operation at up to 3000psi and offers a maximum flow capability of 21 litres. It is suitable for use with both electric and engine-drive pressure cleaners.

The machine is available with a suction port that enables a vacuum cleaner to automatically suck the dirty water off the job. Called "clean and capture" this system prevents the possibilities of contaminated water going down storm water drains and eliminates the difficult task of cleaning up waste material from the job site.

"A clean and capture vacuum attachment for the Sidewinder means the job is finished without streaks, and in a fraction of the time it would normally take using a conventional high pressure lance," said Aussie Pumps' Hamish Lorenz.

"The Sidewinder is easy to use and takes all the hard work out of vertical high pressure water blasting duties. When the trigger is pulled on the gun the pressure coming through the hose takes the weight of the cleaner making cleaning tasks a breeze," he said.

The Sidewinder comes with a range of accessories including 1 and 2 metre lance extensions for high reach applications, an articulated stainless steel swivel that enables it to be operated without operator discomfort, and a side mounted handle grip that enables the operator to precisely place the unit for cleaning functions.

The Sidewinder is claimed to substantially reduce the time taken to clean flat surfaces, thus saving labour, water and machine wear.