A new super lightweight 1” self priming centrifugal pump has been released by Australian Pump Industries . Called the Aussie QP1-EH025, the new unit features a high speed four stroke petrol engine capable of running on standard unleaded gasoline.

Like all Aussie Quick Prime pumps, the Aussie QP1 offers self priming capabilities of up to 7.5 metres. That means the pump can draw water from streams, dams or ponds, even with a substantial vertical lift.

The pump features high performance, with flows of up to 110 litres per minute and head capability of up to 42 metres. A 42 metre head translates to a pressure capability of 55 psi.

“The new Aussie Ultralite QP1 weighs only 5.3 kilos but does a man size job” Aussie Pump’s Brad Farrugia says. “It’s ideal for on farm water transfer tasks and can even be used as a mop up fire fighting pump if required.”

The pump comes mounted on a sturdy steel skid mount with anti vibration rubbers as standard equipment. Free coupling and strainer kit is also provided so the user only has to provide his own hose assemblies.

It has a conveniently located centre mounted handle for ease of movement, which is provided as standard equipment with ergonomic rubber grip.

“An added benefit for farmers is the unit’s ability to handle diesel fuel in the field,” Farrugia says. “Diesel compatible seals, supplied as standard, make fuelling harvesters or tractors a breeze.”