AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries has released the Aussie Gladiator Mark II truck-mounted sewer cleaner, designed for public utilities or professional sewer cleaning contractors. The heart of the system is a Bertolini 5000 psi pump driven by either Honda petrol or a Hatz air-cooled diesel engine.

The machine comes with its own 600L water tank and is mounted on a steel slip-on sub frame that enables it to be fitted or removed from either truck tray or trailer. It has a Reel Quick hose reel, a long sewer hose and a tool kit that includes a range of sewer cleaning nozzles designed for various types of drain clearing applications.

The drain cleaning tool kit includes the Aussie Root Mulcher turbo-style reverse jet nozzle, designed for chopping through trees or serious blockages. It also has a range of standard reverse jet nozzles designed for a range of drain cleaning applications.

The machine also has an integrated low-pressure galvanised hose reel for storing water supply hose to enable the operator to lock into mains water pressure supply when available.