Australian Pump Industries Pty Ltd has released a new high performance, hydraulic drive, self priming pump to the construction industry. The new pump offers both high pressure and high flow characteristics, making it ideal for installation in construction and maintenance.

Called the Aussie GMP model G3TMKA-HYD, the new pump offers flows of 1420 lpm and maximum heads of up to 52 metres (75 psi). The pump has the advantage of being self priming, enabling it to draft water from external sources like rivers, streams or dams, without the need for changing the suction line with water before operation. The self-priming feature can save literally hours of complications and time wasting on site, allowing the expensive parent equipment maximum utilisation.

The pump is manufactured from close-grained cast iron and offers an integrated trash handling capability. The impeller is a large trash style, open vaned cast iron design and the pump comes with a silicon carbide seal as standard equipment.

Maintenance and clean out is easy with an integrated clean our port, mounted below the suction port. Operations or maintenance staff can undo the inspection port in a matter of seconds for easy maintenance, without pump or pipe work dismantling.

The unit comes complete with a big purpose designed double hearing pedestal with integrated hydraulic motor. The motor can be operated from an external hydraulic drive source, including either piston or gear pump, driven from the tankers standard powertrain. Using hydraulic drive, instead of conventional petrol or diesel engine, close coupling for the pump means huge savings in maintenance, reliability and virtually unlimited pump power.

The G3TMKA can run magnum spray nozzles or monitor style fire fighting nozzles. The pump’s self-priming capability is in excess of 6 metres. The pump is supported by a two-year warranty program and is built to ISO 9001 quality standards.