AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries has released a cast 316-grade stainless steel self priming pump designed for food industry waste pump out.

The Aussie GMP Model 13K02A corrosion resistant pumps offer major advantages for waste sump applications. User benefits include the ability to pass solids in suspension without clogging the pump. They are easy to maintain because the pumps are mounted above the pit. The seven pumps will handle up to 600L/min flow and pass up to 19mm spherical solids.

The pumps have a maximum head capability of 20m. Their self-priming design gives them the ability to draw water from 6m depths. The pumps are fitted with silicone carbide seals and come with an easy clean out port mounted underneath the front suction case to allow easy service, without breaking pipe work.

The pumps are available with close-coupled single or three-phase electric motors with an optional bare shaft configuration.