A big Aussie Jetmax jet pump was selected by the Marshman family to bring water from a creek 400m to a cottage on their New England mixed farming property, Glan Monnow.

The Marshmans operate a 12,000 acre, largely cattle property on the Dungowan creek outside Tamworth. The Aussie Model JM300A was selected because of its great self priming characteristics and high pressure, high flow performance.

The Marshmans selected the biggest Aussie Jetmax in the range because of it delivers maximum flows of up to 120L per minute. The pump also offers loads of pressure with a maximum close to 100psi.

"When we compared the performance of the Aussie with other conventional single phase pressure systems we were pleasantly surprised to think that you can buy an off the shelf big capacity, three horsepower pressure system like this," said Simone Marshman.

"We were also very pleasantly surprised by the low price and first rate quality of the machine.”

Aussie Jetmax is part of the Australian Pump Industries ‘ product line and like all the other key products offered by Aussie, it is built to strict ISO 9001 quality standards.

The pump body is close grained cast iron while the impeller is corrosion resistant bronze.

A stainless steel mechanical seal is standard equipment, as is a stainless steel shaft.

"The whole system is simple and ultra reliable," said Mrs Marshman.

"It comes with a 60L pressure tank and integrated automatic pressure switch."

The big 60L tank means the pump only turns itself on when demand exceeds the capacity of the tank. This cuts cycling, prolongs pump and motor life and substantially reduces power consumption.

All Aussie Jetmax systems come with a two year pump and motor warranty and a 5 year tank warranty.