Australian Pump Industries has released a new 6 inch self priming centrifugal pump, capable of moving huge quantities of water in transfer applications. The big gusher, ideal for large road tanker, high volume transfer or flood irrigation applications is capable of transferring up to 174,000 litres per hour.

Called the Aussie Quik Prime model QP601, the six inch pump provides users a huge open style, high grade cast iron impeller, capable of passing small solids in suspension. The pump has the ability to draft water from depths of up to 7 metres, making it ideal for loading road tankers from rivers, dams or tanks.

According to Aussie Pumps, Aussie Quik Prime pumps’ unique high flow design moves water fast and at minimal cost. For example, in its standard configuration it needs only a 13 HP Honda petrol engine to achieve its full capacity.

A handy clean out port is mounted in the pump casing, below the suction port enabling operators to clean the pump bowl out without breaking pipe work. That is a huge extra convenience factor for users, and enables the pump to perform as a semi-trash pump.

The big Aussie gusher is also available with a Yanmar 10HP, air cooled diesel engine, available in either recoil or electric start configuration.

Normal versions of the pump come with a heavy duty wrap around frame for ease of movement and protection on site. This Aussie 6 inch pump is good in terms of quality, value and performance. The Aussie Quik Prime pump moves water at the rate of 150,000 litres per litre of fuel, making it a record breaker in fuel economic water transfer.

Australian Pump Industries expects the pump to be an interest to farmers, water carting contractors and public utilities.