Australian Pump Industries  has added a new line of safety boots to their Aussie Safe Operator personal protection equipment range.

Designed for use with high pressure blasters up to 500 Bar (7,300 psi), the Aussie Jet-Stop boots are professionally designed for hard work in harsh environments. The new boots fill a gap in the market for comfortable, practical footwear capable of withstanding accidental jetting from pressure cleaners up to 500 Bar.

Ultra high pressure protective footwear has been available for a number of years; however, it can be cumbersome and difficult to use, making it impractical for operators of lower pressure machines that need mobility.

Hamish Lorenz, Aussie Pumps High Pressure Safety Trainer explains that operators have been using steel toecaps gum boots, which protect the toes but the high pressure water jets can slice open a rubber boot. He adds that water sprayed under pressure penetrates flesh and can carry dangerous bacteria or poisons deep into the tissue resulting in life-threatening infections.

Made from vulcanised rubber, Aussie Jet-Stop boots provide safe, waterproof comfort for the operator. For maximum user protection the boots come with steel toecaps and steel inserts in the sole to prevent puncturing by sharp objects.

Jet-Stop safety footwear is colour coded to identify the areas of protection. The black regions, covering the talus, the lower shin as well as the toes and heel are CE Certified for use with rotating water jet nozzle or flat angle nozzle sprays of up to 500 Bar.

Key features of Aussie Jet-Stop safety boots include soles designed for excellent grip to reduce any risk of slipping; optional spikes fitted to prevent slippage in icy conditions, adjustable strap at upper calf level easy to put on or take off; and designed to suit European sizes 42 through to 48, the equivalent of Aussies sizes 8 through to 13½.

Aussie Pumps offers a full range of personal safety equipment including jackets, trousers, overalls, aprons and gloves. All are rated for use with machines up to 500 Bar and designed for maximum operator comfort and safety.