A big new household pressure system designed for large homes, stations or farms has been released by Australian Pump Industries .  Called the Aussie Jetmax model M600B, the big stainless steel pump system delivers a whopping 120 litres per minute flow and has a maximum pressure of up to 80 psi.  

"Average household pressure systems are designed for use with electric motors of between 1/3 HP and 1 HP.  We use a very efficient 2 HP, 240 volt electric motor, driving a big self priming Jetmax pump to achieve this incredible performance," says Aussie Pumps' Brad Farrugia.  

The big pumps are capable of running up to 10 taps simultaneously and providing loads of flow and pressure.  A press-control auto switch is standard equipment, providing the pump with reliable automatic   operation and low water level shut down protection.  

The 2 HP motor supplied is a heavy duty fan cooled vermin proof design with IP55 protection.  It is available in either single or three phase configuration and can run off a normal 3 pin plug.  Thermal overload protection is standard.  

The big pump end is of AISI grade stainless steel and offers users the benefits of stainless steel shaft and heavy duty mechanical seal in carbon-ceramic.  The impeller is manufactured from high grade marine bronze or polycarbon material for the ultimate in corrosion resistance.  

The new Aussie Jetmax is ideal for households, small factories, or farms where there is a requirement for real pressure and large flow from an independent water supply.  

Further information including a free selection guide on Aussie Jetmax pumps is available from Australian Pump Industries and Aussie Pump Distributors throughout Australia and the South Pacific.