Australian Pump Industries introduces a new range of diesel drive Hydrotek steam cleaners featuring a high performance, low noise operation.

Functioning at a noise level not exceeding 70 dBa, the new Aussie Peacekeeper steamer operates up to 120°C and delivers a pump pressure of 3,600 psi. The pump flow is 15 litres providing lots of grunt for graffiti removal, machine washdown or cleaning of public spaces in urban areas where the Peacekeeper’s low noise operation eliminates any potential issues. 

The new Peacekeeper Series will provide contractors and government departments with a new dimension in environment-friendly steam cleaning for inner city maintenance.

Powered by a 13.6 hp Hatz ‘Silent Pack’ diesel engine, the Hydrotek comes with an integrated 68-litre fuel tank that supplies both the engine and the machine’s 12-volt burner system.

Featuring a robust Pro-Tect steel frame with built-in lifting eyes for transportation, and stainless steel panels and boiler cover as standard equipment, Hydrotek steam cleaners can be mounted on a light truck, ute or trailer. 

A skid mounted version called the Aussie JAW (Just Add Water) Peacekeeper is designed specifically for urban space cleaning for contractors. This machine includes a 1,000-litre poly tank and a galvanised steel base with fork tines. Two hose reels are mounted at the rear, one high and one low pressure, with the operator able to work up to 60 metres from the machine.

The Peacekeeper has been classified as a Class A machine under the proposed Australian standard for high pressure water blasting. The Class A classification enables the Peacekeeper to be operated by one man under the new Australian High Pressure Water Jetting System Safe Operations Standard.

A wide range of high pressure accessories is available for the Peacekeeper series including heavy duty turbos that boost the effective working pressure of the steamer and enable stubborn stains to be erased fast; and flat surface cleaners up to 28” in diameter, specifically designed for use with hot water, and cutting cleaning times up to 75%. 

Aussie Pumps has also introduced a range of Safe Operator protective clothing for use with the Peacekeeper series. Designed to withstand a rotating nozzle jet up to 500 bar, the gear is essential kit for high pressure equipment operators. The practical and comfortable PPE range includes aprons, jackets, overalls, trousers and gloves with the latest edition of the Aussie Jet-Stop boots.