Australian Pump Industries released a new range of enhanced performance fire pumps just in time for this summer’s catastrophic fire season.

Named for their distinctive red roll frame, Aussie Pumps’ new Red Brigade fire pumps provide improved performance, enhanced efficiencies and real benefits in terms of safety and convenience for firefighters, farmers and homeowners.

Aussie Pumps product manager Brad Farrugia explains that the new Red Brigade has been introduced in response to customer requests for more performance, a bit more grunt and the convenience of roll frames and electric start. Fire pumps with electric start can be operated easily, helping to save property, livestock or even human lives.

Consistent with the Aussie Fire Chief concept, the new Red Brigade pump boasts a big body featuring open water passages that enable more water through the pump at pressure. A fine-tuned hydraulically balanced impeller delivers consistent pressure and flow without overloading the engine.

According to Farrugia, the big single impeller pump is a practical solution that doesn’t have the disadvantages of a twin impeller pump. Conventional twin impeller pumps are matched with engines that simply don’t have the grunt to deliver the promise of the pump’s performance claims. Aussie Pumps therefore decided to maximise single impeller pump performance by adding more horsepower.

Aussie Pumps, a Honda Global Partner, standardised on Honda engines for the Red Brigade series because of their quality, reliability and unique ability to start first pull of the cord. Available from 5.5HP to 13HP, the fire pumps are covered with a three-year engine warranty and backed by support from the extensive Honda service network.

Key features of the new Red Brigade series also include priming from 7.6m head; five-year warranty; a three way outlet that allows the operator to use either two 1” ports or one 1½” port; and outlets capped with metal screw caps fitted with security chains as standard equipment.