Liverpool City Council recently acquired a portable high pressure steam cleaning machine designed for performing a host of council cleaning applications. The machine is self contained and offers real benefits in terms of safety and efficiency.

“The machine carries its own water and performs cleaning tasks with a minimum of water consumption” said Aussie Pumps Product Manager, Brad Farrugia.

The machine is a new product in Australian Pump Industries, Mobi-Blast range of mobile pressure cleaning equipment. Mobi-Blast range offers users a range of pressure up to 3200 PSI or 5000 PSI EWP with an Aussie hot water turbo lance. Water consumption is low with the maximum flow being 15 litres per minute.

The steam capability provides a maximum outlet temperature of 130 degrees C enabling sanitising and cleaning duties to be carried out, without the use of harmful chemicals. The electrical circuit is only 12 volt, making is safe for operators to use in the field.

The heart of the system is a heavy duty triplex pump, providing high pressure water to a unique diesel fired boiler system. The boiler heats the water to the temperature required by the operator, which is infinitely variable from ambient temperature to 130 degrees C (steam).

The Mobi-Blast steamer comes with its own 400 litre water tank and two hose reels for safe and efficient storage of both high and low pressure hose assemblies.

The whole unit is mounted in a robust 4 wheel trailer and is suitable for any council cleaning chore.

“Liverpool City Council can use this machine for a range of tasks including graffiti removal, cleaning out wash rooms, disinfecting, cleaning shopping malls and public spaces, all without using dangerous chemicals or detergents” said Farrugia.

“Steam will even melt grease, clean up car parks and perform a host of other chores including killing weeds without dangerous weedicide” he said.

The complete machine can be fitted with drain cleaning attachments as well to make it completely versatile for all council applications.