A NEW hose reel designed for use with the Aussie Monsoon 100 heavy duty, single-phase pressure cleaner has been released by Australian Pump Industries .

Designed to provide true operator convenience and safety, the machine is claimed to comply with OH&S requirements based on risk assessment carried out by Australian Pump on this type of pressure cleaner.

"We identified loose hose assemblies as a very real risk for operators," Aussie Pumps' Hamish Lorenz said.

"Operators tend to get careless, often leaving hoses kinked or lying across paths, even when the machine isn't operating. This constitutes a real obstacle with inherent risks."

The hose reel will take up to 40 metres of 1/4" hose, making it ideal for machines like the Monsoon 100.

The Monsoon features a 1500psi pump with heavy duty, four-pole electric motor built into a steel construction trolley. It is rated as a heavy duty professional machine even though it's designed to run off single-phase power.

The hose reel comes with two optional types of mounting bracket and is easily adaptable for all makes of water blasters up to 3000psi pressure.

Because of its polypropylene construction, it is resistant to chemicals and corrosion.