A complete range of Kubota diesel engine powered pumps is now available from Australian Pump Industries . Aussie Pumps, claimed to be leaders in diesel drive pumps, have packaged their range of high pressure fire fighting and tanker units with reliable Kubota diesel engines.

The flagship of the new product line is a big three inch semi-trash pump designed for construction and mining applications. The pump can also be used by water carters for transporting water during the difficult, dry summer months.

Called the Aussie GMP model B3XRAS,STK, the big three inch pump is manufactured from close grained cast iron and features a high pressure open style impeller capable of passing solids in suspension. It produces a maximum head of 40 metres, making it ideal for batter spray and dewatering chores. The big pump offers users flows of up to 1350 litres per minute and features a six metre vertical suction lift.

Designed for handling solids in suspension, the tough three inch pump features a front mounted clean out port that facilitates service without disconnecting pipe work. It is supplied with a stainless steel wear plate and standard equipment is a silicon carbide mechanical seal. The machine is powered by an OC95 oil cooled diesel engine producing 9.5HP.

“The big Kubota diesel provides loads of power for this three inch gusher,” Aussie Pumps Brad Farrugia says. “The unit has been successfully pro-typed over the last year with excellent results in even the most extreme operating conditions.”

Further information on the Kubota product range is available from Kubota engine dealers, Australian Pump Industries or Aussie Pump distributors throughout Australia.