AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries has introduced a 200 litre industrial wet/dry drum vac with 90mm suction hose and wand that will clear up virtually all industrial waste with ease.

Powered by three heavy duty 1200W motors the big vac offers serious suction with a 645 cubic metre an hour air flow. Because of its wet/dry operation it can pick up spills, dust and swarf as well as loose solids.

Standard accessories with the jumbo version of the vac include not only the 90mm hose and wand but also a set of 50mm tools that can be used for more dense solids.

"The jumbo drum vac will pick up coke cans, plastic bottles, rags and other industrial waste without choking," Aussie Pumps product manager Brad Farrugia said.

"The beauty of the big vac is it's flexibility. It can be located centrally in or around machining centres and used for both liquid and swarf clean up."

Because the jumbo vac adapts to standard 200 litre industrial drums the system lends itself to the establishment of cleaning stations.

When the drum is full the operator simply removes the head and clamps it onto an empty 200 litre drum. The full drum can be removed via a drum trolley to the waste loading area.

This way the jumbo vac is always available for work. The drum trolley is a heavy duty steel construction with clamp and two pneumatic tyres.

The whole system is relatively inexpensive but heavy duty enough for any industrial workshop application.

The Aussie Microweb filter is available as an option. The Microweb is a filter media constructed from a polyester or homopolymer acrylic fibre with a micro-porous membrane.

It is ideal for dust from limestone, bio chemicals, lead, sugar, cement and even precious metals.