Well known rural identity Col Rowland warns that recent rainfall will bring a Spring season of unprecedented weed growth. Winter infestations of weeds like fireweed are already a huge problem for farmers in many parts of the country.

Swift action to spray before weeds flowering is the answer with Col recommending the Aussie Spray-It as a great piece of equipment for first attack.

The Aussie Spray-It is a self contained, Honda engine powered sprayer that delivers a good combination of 25 bar pressure (360 psi) and 8 litres per minute flow.

The Spray-It is suitable because of it’s light weight, low cost and top quality components. The pump is made from corrosion resistant polypropylene while the pistons are stainless steel and seals and o-rings are viton.

The Spray-It high tech pump is driven by a Honda GX31 four stroke petrol engine. The The Spray-It pump is fitted with integrated bypass and high pressure regulator. This regulator allows the operator to set the pressure anywhere between low pressure and the pumps maximum performance of 360 psi.

“The best news for farmers,” says Col, “is that the machine comes fully equipped to start work. This little beauty comes with it’s own suction hose, strainer, bypass hose and 30m of high pressure hose on an integrated reel,” says Col. “That means all you need to do is add a tank, and Aussie will even do that for you!” he said.

The machine is protected by a handy carry frame roll cage. Standard equipment also includes a pistol for chemical spray application with a built-in mist to direct jet control.

Col Rowland was formerly Merchandise Manager with the NSW Farmers Coop and is well known to farmers throughout NSW and Australia. He now runs Cols Farmers Ag Buying Service.

Further information on the Aussie Spray-It is available from Australian Pump Industries distributors throughout Australia or Cols Farmers Ag Buying Service.