AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries has released a new telescopic high pressure lance designed for use with pressure cleaning equipment. Called the Aussie Extenda Wand, it offers reach of up to 7m.

The telescopic lance enables cleaning tasks to be carried out on areas that would otherwise only be accomplished by expensive high lift apparatus like cherry pickers or scissor-lifts.

The telescopic wand allows an infinitely variable range of up to 7m and allows the operator to set the required length.

The unit weighs only 6kg but is suitable for operation with machines of up to 4000psi. The 4000psi pressure rating makes it uniquely capable of operating with contractor style high pressure water blasters like the big Aussie Ultra or BB400 series machines.

Australian Pump Industries is Australia's leading manufacturer and designer of high pressure cleaning equipment. The company is focused on the development of engine drive machines where flexibility, mobility and water efficient operation are the major criteria.

"The telescopic wand allows operators to clean efficiently without climbing ladders or taking unnecessary chances," said Aussie Pump Product Manager, Hamish Lorenz. "Our OH & S documentation prohibits the use of water blasters on ladders or scaffolding."

The new wand is not only safer but enables the job to be done fast and efficiently. Although it comes with a standard nozzle attachment device on the tip, it can be fitted with Aussie Turbo Master turbo heads, detergent application heads or vario style nozzle kits. An OH & S approved harness makes it easy to use.

According to Australian Pump Industries, once the operator engages the trigger the high pressure column of water in the lance takes a lot of the load off the operator making it possible for continuous use without effort.

The new lance is suitable for contractors, public utilities, construction companies, painters and decorators and even ship repairers.