A NEW 4000psi triplex piston pump designed for use in industrial processing and pressure cleaning applications has been released by Australian Pump Industries .

Called the Big Berty TMG Series, and made by Bertolini Pump, the new pumps offer higher pressure and the ability to use less water to achieve the same result.

They are also horsepower efficient, requiring as little as 9.5hp to provide full 4000psi (280bar) pressure.

The new pumps also offer a wide range of advanced engineering benefits designed to provide long, trouble free life.

These benefits include a unique bottom seal valve cap that is stronger and seals more positively than previous designs found on triplex pumps. The seal provides thread protection, a major source of leaks as pumps get older.

A new short stack valve that is self aligning is also included, and forged bronze, one-piece conrods, provide increased strength and support as well as automatically aligning pistons.

The crankcase is multi-fin, providing cooler running and longer, more reliable service.

The Big Berty pumps are built by Bertolini to IS09001 and offer a range of flows from 13.2 litres/minute through to 22 litres/minute.

They interchange with other pump brands providing users with a low cost upgrade option in both industrial and pressure washing applications.

Further information, including a comprehensive guide on the range of Big Berty pumps, is available from Australian Pump Industries distributors throughout Australia.