A new hydrostatic pressure test unit has been released by Australian Pump Industries . Called the Aussie HPT (High Pressure Tester) the machine features flows of 80 litres per minute and a pressure capability of 20 bar (290 psi). The Hydrostatic tester is portable, and mounted on a robust steel frame with two pneumatic tyres. It is powered by a Honda 5.5HP industrial petrol engine and comes with it’s own integrated by-pass and filter system.

The heart of the machine is a heavy duty Udor diaphragm pump that features an inner oil bath system for long trouble free operation. The pump comes with it’s own infinitely variable pressure regulating device and both input and output pressure gauges.

Operation is simple with the operator being able to adjust the pressure to the required level and then test the system over whatever period of time is considered necessary to detect leakage.

Australian Pump Industries, who have developed this unique hydro test technology intend to introduce a range of higher output models with pressure to 580 psi and a range of drives that include diesel engine and single phase electric motor options. For pipe laying, or pipeline maintenance, contractors, a handy pressure wash kit is available that turns the hydrostatic tester into a high volume pressure washer. The kit consists of high pressure hose, tommy gun style wash down gun and two metre suction hose with strainer.

“One of the great benefits of the system is the fact that the hydro tester can be used with water from any external source” said Aussie Pump Product Manager, Mark Hood. “The pump’s unique self priming capability will enable it to draw water from any convenient reservoir including truck mounted tanks” he said.