AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries has launched a unique high pressure spot spray kit with its own integrated hose reel and 30m of high pressure hose.

Called the Aussie Spray-It Plus Reel, the new spray rig is ideal for spring weed control or pasture protection.

The Honda powered Spray-It Plus Reel offers first class performance with flows of up to 8L per minute and pressures to 25Bar, (360psi).

The pump is manufactured from polypropylene with stainless steel pistons and viton seals.

It comes with a standard one-way outlet with integrated by-pass for easy controlled pump functions. Thus the operator can set the pressure, on an infinitely variable basis, right through the pump's pressure range.

"The kit includes delivery hose and an infinitely variable spray gun that gives you mist to direct jet and its own suction and by-pass hose with strainer,” said Aussie Pumps' John Hales. “It's got the lot.”

Aussie Pump Distributors will be showing the machine around the country at field days and doing in-store demonstrations.

"The Spray-It Plus Reel is ideal for ute mounted spray packs and can be teamed with Aussie Billabong poly tanks to make a low cost, highly efficient spot weed eradication rig," said Mr Hales.