AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries has released a 50.8mm, high-pressure emergency fire pump. The Aussie GMP G2TMKA-X is a self-priming mono-block pump with an open, high-pressure impellor, suitable for pumping clean or slightly dirty water and providing high-pressure performance.

The maximum pump head is 35m (50 psi) with flows of up to 500L/min available. The pump has 50.8mm x 50.8mm ports and is available in either single-phase or three-phase close-coupled electric motor configurations.

The pump can be supplied with special seals to handle fuel oil material. The pump is manufactured from close grain cast iron. Its flame-proof motor meets European standards EEX-DEIIBT3-EN50.014, EN50.018 and EN50.019. Explosion-proof compliance is certified by CESI.

The pump can be mounted on a steel two-wheel trolley for ease of movement.