Jerry Ferguson Plumbing of Lennox Head, NSW, recently put a trailer mounted Aussie King Cobra jetter on the job. Designed for drain cleaning in 25mm to 150mm drains, the King Cobra can even chop its way through roots and other blockages with ease.

“It is the King Cobra’s big 5000 PSI pressure, matched to enough flow to both thrust and flush at the same time that make it ideal” said Jerry.

The heart of the system is a Big Berty Bertolini 5000 PSI triplex style plunger pump, designed for long trouble free operation. The pump features oversized bearings, 316 stainless steel valves and tenifer reinforced plunger rods. Pistons are solid ceramic for long trouble free operation.

The trailer mounted system utilises a 400 litre tank, so that Jerry can carry his own water to the job. The unit also includes an onboard high pressure reel with 60 metres of high pressure drain cleaner hose.

Jerry also selected the Aussie Mini Reel, to enable clearing of drains in hard to access locations.

“The Aussie Mini Reel means I can control the machine from 60 metres away and still have 60 metres of drain cleaning capability at the workstation” said Jerry. “Best of all, the Mini Reel has an integrated pressure gauge and locations for 3 different drain cleaning nozzles, allowing me to cut down-time on every choke” he said.

“The package also includes the Aussie Nozzle Box kit that incorporates the Turbo Root Mulcher, which is a unique drain cleaning nozzle designed to chop through blockages including tree roots. No more digging with a shovel” said Jerry. “And no more expensive excavators on site to dig up blocked pipes” he said.

The whole unit is mounted on a heavy duty galvanised trailer, that means Jerry can go anywhere, and take on any job within the capability of the machine.

Australian Pump Industries is a leading specialist in the design and building of high pressure drain cleaning jetters. The machines are used not only in Australia, but throughout the world and are gaining recognition in South East Asia, the South Pacific and in East Africa.

A free DVD on the Aussie Cobra drain cleaning system is available from Australian Pump Industries or Aussie Pump Distributors throughout Australia.