A range of heavy duty, truck mounted, drain cleaning jetters produced by Australian Pump Industries is cutting drain cleaning costs dramatically. Utilising a Big Berty Bertolini 5000 PSI pump, the jetter range enables operators to cut through debris in blocked drains and eliminate the need for excavation substantially reducing costs.

The Aussie 5000 PSI King Cobra kit, provided as a truck mounted system, gives loads of pressure and flow to locate and clear blocked drains in minimal times.

The average time to unblock a blocked drain with a machine like the Aussie King Cobra is only 10 to 15 minutes. That timing includes the setup time for the job.

A series of highly efficient drain cleaning tools are provided as part of the King Cobra kit to handle a wide range of drain cleaning duties. These include nozzles with the ability to negotiate corners as the high pressure hose is driven down the pipe at 5000 PSI pressure

As the hose and nozzle combination is propels itself along the pipe, it cuts its way through blockages, at the same time powers itself forward with tremendous pressure.

A unique vibrating turbo style nozzle, the Aussie Root Mulcher enables tree roots to be eliminated without the need for excavation. The tree root particles are mulched and flushed back down the system, clearing the drain in record time.

Truck mounted systems include a hose reel kit, hydraulic or engine drive pump systems and can incorporate a self contained water tank of up to 600 litres. The whole system is mounted on a heavy duty steel fabricated base with anti vibration mounts.

These big Australian designed systems out perform low pressure, high volume imported machines and use a fraction of the amount of water. The technology of the high pressure hydro blasters is used to provide drain cleaning solutions that are water efficient, lightweight and significantly less expensive.