AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries has released a heavy duty cast iron industrial self priming motor pump. Called the model B2KQA, the pump is part of the Aussie GMP industrial line, designed for a wide range of applications in manufacturing and processing industries.

The B2KAQ pump features 2" ports and excellent self priming characteristics. It will prime from depths of in excess of 6m and offers flows to 600L per minute. The pump is manufactured from close grained cast iron with an open style impeller, capable of passing small solids in suspension. Although designed for medium pressure applications, the pump will produce up to a maximum of 27psi.

Designed as a close coupled motor pump, the B2KAQ is available in either single phase or three phase two horsepower, two pole TEFC electric motor configurations. A robust mechanical seal with ceramic faces is supplied as standard equipment and an easy to remove front mounted flange makes pump clean out easy, without having to dismantle the electric motor.

"The B2KQA is simple in design and easy to service," said Aussie Pump Product Manager, John Whiteley. "It is super robust and has a wide range of optional seals to make it suitable for a wide variety of liquids.”

Viton seals and elastomers are available and the pump can be used for transferring diesel, light oils, as well as a diversity of compatible chemicals, and water.