Fire pumps from Australian Pump Industries are helping homeowners in Tasmania deal with unexpected catastrophic fires sweeping the state over the last couple of weeks.
Hobart-based Aussie Pump distributor, Brierley Hose took emergency action, pulling in stocks of Aussie fire pumps and firefighting hose kits by express transport. Brierley Hose handles the full range of Aussie Pump’s top quality fire and transfer pumps. 
According to John Brierley, the Aussie Pump range delivers better on performance, durability, warranty and price.
The Fire Chief, the most popular Aussie Pump model in the range is a purpose-designed portable high pressure fire fighting pump featuring a powerful Honda 5.5hp industrial petrol engine in the standard version. The engine is backed by Honda’s 3-year warranty program, and supported by Honda dealers throughout Australia for both in and out of warranty service. 
John Brierley explains that the Chief is particularly suitable for Australian conditions because of its unique pressure to flow characteristics that allow it to deliver more water at high head than others.
Key features of Aussie Fire Chief fire pumps:

  • 7’’ impeller delivers a whopping 100psi pressure equivalent of 75 metres of vertical head lift without overloading the engine
  • Mounted on a heavy duty steel skid with anti-vibration mounts
  • Reduced vibration extends pump longevity and provides a stable base for the unit
  • Huge big belly body enables more water to be held and allows pump to prime first time
  • Top quality mechanical seal with ceramic hardened face and Buna Nitrile elastomers eliminates leaks or lack of prime
  • 2” flanged suction port gets more water into the pump, dramatically aiding water flow and ensuring fast priming
  • Higher pressure twin impeller versions also available with Honda 9hp and 13hp petrol engines, or Yanmar 10hp diesel drives
  • Unique 5-year warranty