A NEW heavy duty wet/dry vacuum cleaner in 75 litre valve capacity has been released by Australian Pump Industries . Called the Clean Air C752, the big vac comes with a distinctive occupational health and safety friendly bright yellow propylene barrel.

The poly barrel is impact resistant and comes on a heavy duty steel trolley for ease of mobility.

Designed specifically for use in heavy industry, the 75 litre vac has found wide application in building and construction where site clean-up is becoming increasingly important.

"OH & S standards and the need for safer work practises mean sites need to be kept clean and obstacle free," Aussie Pumps Brad Farrugia said.

The vacuum cleaner can be fitted with an exclusive Aussie Microweb filter that provides 99.9% filtration. The Microweb filtration system means that the big Aussie vac can handle difficult materials like limestone dust, gyprock, dust, cement, and other substances with superfine particles.

Powered by two 1100W motors the 75 litre machine provides a choice of power from 1100 to 2200W capability. It can be run off any 240V power source, including portable power generators of sufficient capacity.

The Aussie Clean Air 752 will handle wet and dry materials and offers a water lift capability of 2400mm and an air flow of 119 litres per second suction capability.

Heavy duty tools supplied include steel wands and crush proof suction hose. A range of standard accessories include a squeegee for wet surfaces, hard floor tools, a crevice tool, and a round brush.

The machine could also be fitted with an out front "outrigger" to provide easy cleaning of large flat surfaces like warehouses, yards or factories.

The big vac is ideal for the building and construction industry and particularly lends itself to companies who rent machinery of this type.

The Aussie Microweb filter option is unique medium constructed from a polyester or homopolymer acrylic fibre with a micro-porous membrane applied to the collection surface.

It is ideal for fine dust as outlined above and offers excellent caking characteristics. This makes it easy to clean and inexpensive to maintain.