AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries has released a large capacity 3" stainless steel process pump. Called the B3XRA series, the self priming pump is made from cast 316 grade stainless steel. This makes it suitable for applications involving both corrosive and abrasive liquids.

The pump has a capacity of 1750L per minute flow and a maximum head of 38m. Its self priming characteristics are excellent with the ability to draught water from depths of up to 6m.

The pump is simple in design, consisting of a one piece pump chamber casting with single large vaned open impeller.

The big impeller enables it to pass small solids in suspension. This makes it ideal for handling industrial effluent pump out duties or, food or petrochemical waste.

The new Aussie pump is available as a motor pump with a wide range of motors from 5.5hp through to 15hp.

"The pump's basic design allows us the flexibility to modify impeller diameter or vane height to tailor the product to particular industrial duty points," said Aussie Pumps' Tim Carlson. "Thus, the horsepower required can also be tailored to the specific job."

The standard seal supplied is a silicon carbide mechanical type but tungsten carbide and viton options are also available.

"The 316 cast Aussie pumps in the same series have been selected by major mining companies and the Australian Army," said Mr Carlson.