The Australian conceived, designed and built Aussie ‘Muck- Off’ is a big winner with livestock handling and processing companies. The big pressure cleaner uses a unique combination of both high pressure and high flow to achieve huge time savings in cleaning piggeries, feed lots or chicken sheds.

Developed around the idea of a ‘wash and flush’ system, the Aussie Muck Off delivers a whopping 125 litres per minute flow at approximately 30 bar pressure. The machine is compact, enclosed in a full steel roll frame with close coupled Honda 13 hp air cooled petrol engine.

The heart of the system is a big triple diaphragm pump that uses positive displacement to supply constant flow at high pressure. “It’s that big flow at high pressure that not only washes, but flushes waste material away,” Aussie Pumps’ Fred Fouracre says.

Originally designed for the cleaning and sterilising of agricultural equipment in the cotton industry, the Muck Off has gone on to win acclaim for cleaning mining and earthmoving plant, broad acre equipment and saleyards.

The machine comes equipped with two hose reels. One low pressure reel is designed for chemical application, where required, while the second high pressure reel holds 30 metres of hose for the flushing and blast off process. Thus it will draft water from tanks or pits and can use recycled water as well.

One of the big advantages of the slow speed positive displacement pump is that it will self prime from up to 2.5 to 3 metres and will even pass small solids in suspension.

The pump’s operating characteristics are extremely efficient and service is simple, with the replacement of diaphragm being accomplished within a matter of minutes. Repairs can be carried out in the field with basic mechanic’s tools.

The machine comes complete with applicator and blast-off gun with optional long length hoses available on request. “The Honda engine provides loads of power and the machine delivers a huge amount of cleaning whack,” Fouracre says.

The Aussie Muck-Off, from Australian Pump Industries has won a string of awards for creative design and revolutionary performance.