A new high pressure zinc free bronze fire pump designed for marine duties has been released by Australian Pump Industries.

Called the Aussie GMP model G2TMKA, the pump is claimed to be suitable for applications on work boats, barges, ferries and trawlers.

The G2TMKA zinc free bronze pump comes standard with 2” bsb ports and has a maximum pressure capability off 61 psi with a maximum flow of 380 lpm.

Like all Aussie marine pumps, G2TMKA zinc free bronze pump is self priming with the ability to draft water from a maximum of 6 metres vertical lift.

The 2” bronze fire pump is simple in design and easy to service.

Replacing key components for service, including totally dismantling the pump, can be carried out in a matter of minutes.

The G2TMKA zinc free bronze pump comes with 316 grade stainless steel fasteners and plugs. A heavy duty mechanical seal is supplied as standard equipment.

The G2TMKA zinc free bronze pump is compact in design and can be supplied in mono block motor pump configuration with either single or three phase 3 hp electric motor.

The G2TMKA zinc free bronze pump also comes in a bare shaft version, can be clutch fitted or, is available in a close coupled diesel drive version as well.

This versatile 2” pump can be used for deck wash down as well as fire fighting.