Australian Pump Industries , an Australian supplier of pumps designed specifically for water tanker applications, has launched a new range of self priming pumps with integrated hydraulic drives. The pumps offer significant advantages to operators of road tankers involved in either water delivery or dust suppression on road works or construction and mine sites.

Hydraulic drive pumps derive their power from the main engine of the vehicle on which they are mounted. Thus, operators can get the advantages of virtually unlimited power, delivered through a flexible drive system that doesn’t depend on shaft or separate engines.

The flexibility of drive system means that the tanker pump can be placed in the most appropriate location, with huge operational cost reductions and advantages.

These advantages include a major reduction in maintenance costs by the elimination of a separate petrol or diesel engine to drive the pump.

Traditionally, tanker builders have placed an independent engine drive pump on the rear of the tanker, convenient to the placement of spray nozzles and spray bars. The negative aspect of that is that the engine is subject to the worst dust conditions and vibration, both factors which are not conducive to long trouble free operational life.

A hydraulic circuit, as appose to engine drive, is sealed against dust and, through it’s inherent close coupled Aussie Pump design, is not subject to vibration problems.

Replacing engine drive pumps with hydraulic drive is not difficult and most trucks can be fitted with hydraulic pto pump combinations with more than sufficient power to drive a big 3” or 4” tanker pump.

Apart from the obvious maintenance costs, hydraulic drive also provides virtually unlimited drive power. That means that big pumps with flows of up to 2,500 litres per minute and pressures as high as 52 metres, that’s 75 psi, can be supplied for approximately the same cost as a much smaller diesel drive pump.

Australian Pump Industries offers a detailed technical guide for the installation of hydraulic drive pumps. They can be operated by either closed centre or open centre hydraulic systems.

The major mining companies, big construction companies, plant hire operators and even the Australian army are moving to hydraulic drive tanker pumps for their reliability, ease of maintenance and extra power.

Further information including a complete guide to a full range of hydraulic drive pumps in 2”, 3” and 4” sizes is available from Australian Pump Industries or Aussie Pump Distributors throughout Australia.