A new Aussie Hydrotester, designed for testing pressures in gas, water or oil pipelines has been released by Australian Pump Industries .

Expected to be of interest to public utilities and general industry, the new Aussie HPT (High Pressure Tester) offer flows to 85 litres per minute and a pressure capability of up to 25 bar (290 psi).

It is powered by a Honda GX160 5.5HP engine and mounted on a robust steel frame with two pneumatic tyres.

The heart of the machine is a heavy duty Udor diaphragm pump with an inner oil bath system for long trouble free operation.

It comes with its own infinitely variable pressure regulating device, fitted with both input and output pressure gauges. The pressure regulator enables the operator to set the required pressure up to the maximum of the machine (20 bar).

The unloader also acts as a bypass valve, bypassing liquid not being used for the pumping process back to the tank or dumping to ground as required.

Operation of the machine is simple, as the operator is able to adjust the pressure to the required level and then test the system over whatever period of time is considered necessary to detect leakage.

Australian Pump Industries produces a wide range of hydrotesters that are exported throughout the world. Australian Pump Industries builds engine drive machines in both petrol and diesel drive right up to 7,000 psi capability.

Hydrotesters are essential for pipe laying contractors, pipeline maintenance, contractors and public utilities wanting to locate leaks to prevent loss of valuable water supplies.

The Aussie Zeta 85 HPT can be readily adapted into a high pressure wash down unit by simply adding a Aussie Muck Off kit that comprises of a high pressure hose and a “Tommy gun” style wash down gun.

Australian Pump claims one of the great benefits of the system is the fact that the hydrotester can be used with water from any external source. The pumps unique self priming capability enables it to draw water from any convenient reservoir including truck mounted tankers.