A new high pressure water blaster designed for contractors, councils and hire companies has been released by Australian Pump Industries.

Called the Aussie Terminator, the machine is designed to get cleaning task accomplished with the minimum use of water, time and fuel.

The heart of the big machine is a Big Berty Bertolini triplex pump with a nickel plated pump head.

The big pump provides a pressure of 4,000 psi and offer users an EWP (effective working pressure) with the Aussie Turbomaster turbo lance of up to 6,485 psi. It is powered by a 20 hp Honda twin cylinder petrol engine with both electric start and recoil start back up.

For mobility on site, the manufacturers, Australian Pump Industries mounted the machine in a heavy duty galvanised roll cage style frame with four big 13” pneumatic tyres and steel wheels.

Using 4,000 psi and a relatively low flow of 18 litres per minute, provides the Terminator with the ability to blast surfaces clean fast, without wasting water.

The Aussie Terminator comes with ASP (Aussie Safety Protection).

The ASP kit consists of a thermal dump valve that relieves when the machine is left on bypass, protecting it from overheating. Also included is a unique safety valve that protects both machine and operator from the danger of pressure spikes.