A new heavy duty 4” gusher that uses Kubota diesel engine power has been released by Australian Pump Industries.

Called the Aussie QP402, the new diesel drive pump produces flows of up to 1800 litres per minute making it suitable for dewatering, water transfer or fast fill tanker applications.

The prime power for the Aussie QP402 is a 9.5hp Kubota air-oil cooled diesel engine that offers users fuel economy.

“We chose the big Kubota diesel for this application because it maintains it’s torque even at full load,” said Aussie Pumps Product Manager John Whiteley.

Like all Aussie Quick Prime pumps, the 4” gusher has good self priming characteristics with the ability to suck water through a vertical lift of 8.4 metres.

Aussie QP402’s delivery head is also impressive with a maximum shut off of 28 metres. The heart of the pump is a heavy duty SG cast iron open style impeller that will pass small solids in suspension with ease. A heavy duty mechanical seal and cast iron volute are also standard.

Aussie QP402 is supplied in a robust galvanised steel frame with anti vibration mounts. Four inch hose couplings and strainer are provided with each unit.

Australian Pump engineers are working on a high pressure impeller that will turn this big volume pump into a high performance village protection fire fighting pump or high pressure irrigator.

The version of this high performance big 4” Aussie QP402 will be on the market for the coming summer fire fighting season.