A new engine drive ag spray kit that doubles as a machinery wash down unit has been released by Australian Pump Industries .

Called the Aussie Spraymaster model Kappa 43 series, the machine is powered by a Honda 5.5HP petrol engine providing loads of power right through the spray range.

The new Aussie Kappa 43 delivers 40 bar pressure (568 psi) and flows of up to 44 litres per minute.

The heart of the system is a good quality Udor Italian diaphragm pump that has good self priming characteristics allowing it to prime from ponds, tanks or cisterns.

The three diaphragm design means that the pump runs smoothly without the need for an accumulator in the system.

The pump is designed to run at 560 rpm so Aussie fit a reduction gearbox between the engine and the pump. This provides a closed drive system that is both OH&S friendly as well as providing real service advantages.

“In other words, there are no belts to be adjusted, tightened or replaced,” said Aussie Pumps Ben Brown.

The pump design is unique internally manifolded type, manufactured from anodised aluminium. It comes fitted with an infinitely variable control valve/unloader that allows the operator to vary the pressure to suit particular job requirements.

The control unit also functions as a bypass valve that will bypass the liquid being pumped back to the tank when the operator closes the trigger on the spray gun, cutting off the flow.

An integrated pressure gauge is supplied as part of the control kit to enable the operator to be in command of the pump’s setting at all times.

“The Aussie Spraymaster is such a versatile machine that it can be used for weed control, sheep jetting and even fire fighting,” said Brown. “If you team it with the Aussie Muck Off kit it makes a great machinery wash down unit as well.”

The Aussie Muck Off kit consists of a heavy duty Tommy gun with hose kit that quickly attaches to the pump.

The 15 metre hose means there is plenty of lengths to walk around big jobs like combine harvesters or cotton pickers. It can wash machines down fast because of it’s high flow and high pressure performance.

The Tommy gun offers users a unique adjustable spray pattern that enables the unit to go from direct jet to wide angle by moving the forward handle forward or backwards.

The Tommy gun comes with a shock proof tip and an AL5 Aussie high pressure spray gun capable of taking pressures of up to 3,000 psi.

“The high flow and pressure combination on the Aussie Spraymaster makes this machine ideal for weed control, machinery wash down or even fire fighting.”