A 2” zinc free bronze marine motor pump, originally configured for patrol boat applications, has been released by Australian Pump Industries . Called the Aussie GMP model B2KQA, the 2” pump delivers flows of up to 550 litres per minute with heads of up to 20 metres.

Available in either single phase 240 volt or three phase 415 volt configuration, the pump features a big open impeller, capable of pumping small solids in suspension. A bolt-on style flanged suction port enables easy access to the pump chamber for clean out and servicing. It also means that replacement of the check valve can be carried out without dismantling the pump.

Like all Aussie zinc free bronze marine pumps, fasteners are made from 316 grade stainless steel. The pump shaft is also stainless for long, trouble free life.

The pump is fitted with a carbon ceramic mechanical seal to prevent the ingress of water from the pump into the motor. Built around the Aussie monoblock design, the pump impeller runs on the motor shaft making the unit compact and easy to install.

The B2KQA will self prime from 6 metres, making it suitable for bilge, deck wash down or even fire fighting applications where required.

The pump has been through DNV certification and is built to tough ISO 9001 quality standards.