A new heavy duty, high pressure, engine drive water blaster designed for the contractor market has been released by Australian Pump Industries . The new machine, which was originally developed for expanding export markets in south east asia and the middle east, delivers 3000 psi pump pressure with an effective working pressure of 4785 psi

Called the Aussie BB350H, the new machine is built tough for continuous operation in applications like brick cleaning, roof restoration, stencil-creting or property maintenance. Australian Pump Industries also claims it is ideal for public works applications like graffiti removal, pavement and plaza clean up, and the wash down of shopping mall car parks and driveways.

The heart of the system is a heavy-duty, ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini triplex style plunger pump that features ceramic pistons and unique ‘U’ seals, designed for extended life. Aussie ‘hot shot’ hot water seals can also be fitted if the machine is to be used for hot water blasting up to 80 degrees C.

The pump is driven through a gearbox and runs at 1450 rpm. This slow speed operation is designed to provide the operator with a long, trouble free life, even in severe service applications.

The Aussie BB350 contractor special has integrated detergent injection and a unique double stainless steel lance that gives the operator control of high/low-pressure capability at the twist of a wrist. The lance is equipped with Aussie ‘Laser Tip’ jets for super fine cut and precise, accurate cleaning.

The big machine also features an Aussie Safety Protection kit to protect both the machine and operator. The kit consists of a safety valve to protect the machine from spikes and a thermal dump valve that shields the unit from over heating when left on bypass by dumping water when the pump reaches a preset temperature.

A wide range of contractor style accessories that includes turbo lances, sand blast kits, rotary flat surface cleaners and hose reels is also available.