The Aussie Viper Mini Reel allows plumbers to clear drains in hard to access locations. With a pressure rating of 5000 psi, the Viper Mini Reel can be used with drain cleaning jetters from small 2000-psi machines right up to the big 4000-psi and 5000-psi Aussie Cobra range.

The new mini reel will store up to 60 metres of high-pressure jetting hose and is lightweight and easy to use. It comes mounted on a stainless steel stand that doubles as a handy carry frame, designed for operator convenience.

Like all Aussie Reel Quick reels, the Viper features a stainless steel swivel that provides a long, trouble-free life.

Its design also includes a handy rack for storing drain cleaning nozzles and an on/off control valve that enables the drain cleaner or jetter to be controlled by the operator at the job.

“The Mini Reel runs off the 60 metres hose supplied with the Aussie Cobra and enables the user to get into locations they could never get the whole machine or the ute to,” Hamish Lorenz, product manager for Australian Pump Industries says. “That means that the operator can effectively get up to 120 metres of reach with the Viper,” he says