Aussie QP 4-inch high pressure pumps from Australian Pump Industries are being used by a contractor to deliver water for drenching operations cost-effectively.  

Needing to reduce tanker operating costs, Gary Bastian of The Watercart Specialists (TWS) designed his new water carts to drench a track up to 50 metres wide, significantly reducing the time taken to wet down large areas.  

He chose the big Aussie QP 4” high pressure pumps powered by Kubota 9.5HP diesel engines to set up his new Mercedes-based water carts to deliver ample water to feed the three fixed sprayers. 

Bastian set up the 10,000-litre Rapidspray water carts to meet earth works, dust suppression and water transfer requirements efficiently. The 10,000-litre poly tanks fit snugly on the Mercedes cabin chassis with the Aussie 4” high pressure pump mounted at the back.   

TWS hires the water carts out for dust suppression work on road construction sites and for subdivision works.  

Key features of the Aussie Quik-Prime high pressure pumps:

  • User-friendly operation; can be controlled from inside the cab by the operator 
  • Superior pressure and flow characteristics 
  • Can draw water from 8.4 metres, enabling TWS drivers to load from creeks, dams or streams 
  • Fast priming in as little as 15 seconds 
  • Suitable for dust suppression work 
  • Used on tankers up to 22,000 litres in capacity 
  • Aussie Gold 5-year warranty against faulty workmanship or material 
Australian Pump Industries offers a comprehensive range of self priming centrifugal pumps for water cart applications.  

Aussie pumps include diesel and petrol drive self priming pumps in addition to the new hydraulic drive water tanker pumps.