Australian Pump Industries  offers a comprehensive range of high pressure pumps capable of producing high flows for effective firefighting operations.  

Harvester fires pose a real threat during the Australian broadacre harvest season to cropping operations, with combustible materials, heat, low humidity and gale force winds presenting a dangerous combination. Fires caused during harvest not only result in major crop damage with consequent financial losses, but can also destroy expensive harvesting equipment and machinery.  

A majority of harvester fires originate from the engine base. While a build-up of flammable materials can generate spontaneous combustion, exhaust sparks are another major cause, frequently resulting in loss of the combine.  

According to Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia, harvester fires can be avoided by ensuring diligence in clean down and inspection. The company advises postponing harvesting during high risk periods.  

A leading company in fire pump design and development, Aussie Pumps works with farmers to develop pumps capable of providing real protection against harvester fires. Farrugia suggests that a 10,000-litre capacity water cart should be supported by a pump that can ensure high flow.  

Australian Pump’s comprehensive range of high pressure pumps is capable of producing flows of up to 1,000 litres per minute. These pumps offer bigger, more effective capability, often at a fraction of the cost of imported and sophisticated firefighting gear. 

Josh Kingston of Griffith ensures that his Aussie pump is always ready since it is important to put out sparks or fires as quickly as possible.    

Australian Pump Industries offers the Aussie Mr T twin impeller pumps for standard farms and the Aussie QP3310SX for larger properties.  

Key features of Aussie Mr T 2”x2” twin impeller pumps:  

  • Genuine Honda 9hp or 13hp petrol engine
  • Pump is matched with the engine’s capability to maximise performance
  • Diesel drives provided with a Yanmar 10hp electric start air cooled diesel engine
  • Huge 95-metre head, delivering a maximum flow up to 480 litres per minute
  • Available in 2” or 3” configuration
  • Can draw water from creeks and dams with superior vertical suction lift of 7.6m
  • Sturdy galvanised roll frame with anti-vibration mounts supplied as standard on all configurations
Key features of Aussie QP3310SX pumps:  
  • High pressure pumps developed for larger properties
  • 3” pump delivers flows of up to 1,000 litres per minute
  • Self priming pumps ensure state of constant readiness for any fire eventuality
  • Ability to draw water from vertical depths as low as 8.4m
  • Maximum head is 70m at over 100psi
  • Ideally suited for water cannons or 3” hoses with professional firefighting nozzle equipment